What is the Best Way to Give Honor and Glory to God?


Fr Hunolt tells us in his sermon referenced below:

... we shall find that we, too, can give no greater honor and glory to God our heavenly Father, to Jesus Christ our Redeemer, and therefore to ourselves also, than by patiently bearing the cross of adversity ...

To come to the point at once; in what consists the honor and glory that God expects from men? In this chiefly, that man submits completely to God as to his Creator and sovereign Lord, obeys Him willingly in all possible circumstances, is always resigned to His holy will and decree, and thus publicly acknowledges before the world God s supreme sovereignty. For, as I have often told you before, God is not in the least need of His creatures, and He has placed His exterior glory in this, that His creatures are always ready to do, to omit, and to suffer whatever and as long as He wills them to do, to omit, and to suffer.

The complete sermon can be found here:

[Fr. Francis Hunolt - Sermons - Adapted to All Sundays - The Christian Virtues - II]
(http://www.saintsbooks.net/books/Fr.%20Francis%20Hunolt%20-%20Sermons%20-%20Adapted%20to%20All%20Sundays%20-%20The%20Christian%20Virtues%20-%20II.pdf) pg 348 - 358