Tynong school - Dominican Sisters


As a matter of curiosity, does anyone know what is going on at the SSPX school in Tynong, with regards to the girls education?
There was a cryptic announcement made on the Tynong bulletin this week, and I can’t see where that’s leading…
Anyone out there can throw some light on the matter??
Thank you!


With regards to the SSPX Tynong school & education of the girls, I do know that there has been a disagreement between the Dominican Nuns and the SSPX priests. Simply speaking, the Nuns want full control of everything. Traditional Catholic Nuns educating good Catholic girls? Sounds ideal, but neither the Nuns nor the girls are behaving as one would expect in a Traditional Catholic sense. The whole educational system at Tynong is in total disarray with teachers against teachers; some are against the priests and some against the Nuns. Each with their own agenda, all under Bishop Fellay, and all with the same agenda. The sole object here is definitely not the good of the souls of these children, though all the appearances are there. As long as both the priests and the Nuns are under the influence of the now new SG and the Nuns still directly under Bp. Fellay, there is little hope for a truly Catholic education. Some parents are really trying to have this situation sorted out, but as long as they continue to bury their heads in the sand concerning the dire events within the SSPX and the continuing influence of Bp. Fellay, they are wasting their time. Best to put their efforts into forming among themselves a home schooling group.