The Theology of Christian Perfection - Royo Marin, Antonio, O.P. & Au_6163


This book gives one solid principles in the principles of Christian perfection. The Church gives us all the means to achieve holiness. The road is not easy but the effort is well worth it!

The Theology of Christian Perfection - Fr. Royo Marin, O.P. (pdf, 90 MB)

Part of the problem in today’s Church is that so many clergy and laity abandoned (or never understood) the means to achieve perfection. They have gutted the rich theological and ascetical teachings of the Church from all supernatural meaning. As a consequence you have a “Church” more interested in sociological and human issues than the salvation of souls. Yet we must never lose heart. Our Lord is there with us in the midst of the struggle willing to help us if we would only ask for His help.