Retiring Liberal Conciliar Bishop to Join SSPX?!



Well, hey: They did tell Rome they needed more bishops!:joy:

Commentary forthcoming…

On second thought, what’s the point:

Those who need to hear it won’t listen, while those who would listen don’t need to hear it.



“Rita” on the French Resistance forum notes:

What news to “celebrate” the tenth anniversary of the lifting of the pseudo excommunications of the four bishops of the FSSPX!

MPI notes this fact with the arrival of Bishop Huonder, “so the FSSPX has four bishops again”: between Bishop Williamson and Bishop Huonder, it is indeed necessary to choose… The FSSPX has made its choice!

Quote [MPI]:

After the expulsion in 2012 of Bishop Williamson, one of the four bishops consecrated by Bishop Lefebvre, founder of the FSSPX, from the FSSPX, for his opposition to a practical canonical recognition by modernist Rome without a prior doctrinal agreement, the Fraternity finds itself again with 4 bishops, with the blessing of Pope Francis it seems. It remains to be seen whether Bishop Huonder, who is certainly a conservative but conciliar bishop and always attached to Vatican II and to the new Mass, [and who is] particularly close to the Fraternity of St. Peter, will give sacraments to the faithful of the Fraternity…