Re: Moral Test of the Resistance


Moral Test of the Resistance

by Samuel Loeman

Submitted by Admin on 11 February 2019


Just wanted to say something regarding some of the accusations made against Mother Irene:

Many of them were communicated in a letter from a priest to Samuel, shortly before his daughter left to Ireland.

Given the fantastic nature of the litany of accusations, I perceived it was all a scare tactic to keep Samuel from sending his daughter to Ireland, and retard the growth of the Resistance.

I still maintain that belief.

Here are some of the accusations made: There are roving bands of gypsies throughout the Irish countryside who could overrun the hermitage, which has no proper fortifications/security measures; the hermitage is really just a cover for Mother Irene’s “lucrative icon painting business” to get free slave labor (At the time of that accusation, Mother Irene hadn’t sold an icon in over three years!); unsanitary conditions will ruin Samuel’s daughter’s health; she will live in a garden shed (this priest’s conception of what a primitive Carmel is euqivalent to); Mother Irene is a violent psychotic; etc; etc.

You can imagine how embarrassed and indignant Samuel must have been, to have to present Mother Irene this list of accusations, which he was assured he could have verified by reaching out to another priest (a priest whom, after two inquiries, never provided any response at all!).

But the biggest refutation is the fact that Samuel’s daughter is still with Mother Irene: She could flee at any time, yet she stays. Happy, at peace, and progressing in the spiritual life.

How is that possible, if Mother Irene was the nut-ball this priest so wanted to convince Samuel that she was?

When will Mother Irene show her “true colors?” It has been two years, and no signs of these psychotic episodes, slave labor camps, roving hordes of marauding gypsies, or predicted illnesses from life in “garden sheds.”

I guess I just don’t like to see women (much less a nun and foundress) maligned with what I suspect was an agenda-driven scare campaign.

PS: I would also concur with Samuel’s appraisal of Mother Irene “remaking” her vocation: Which of us didn’t go from Novus Ordo to indult to SSPX to Resistance?