Pro-+BW Video by SSPX Faithful?!



PS: I had nothing to do with it.


Thank you for posting this Seraphim.

Not only was Bishop Williamson expelled from the SSPX, but he is also shunned by some of the lay supporters of the Resistance.

It’s a hopeful thing that some in the SSPX are aware of the injustice of Bp. Williamson’s expulsion from the SSPX. I can understand how they would be scandalized by the acceptance of a novus ordo bishop (even though he may just be retiring with the SSPX, IMO) after expelling a bishop who was consecrated by +ABL himself.


Very sad .
Thank you for posting, Seraphim.


Thank you for posting Seraphim - it is sad but a step in the right direction that some of the faithful of the SSPX are seeing the lilght!


Our friends over on the Slavic Resistance blog have picked this story up, and transcribed/reproduced the whole video here: