On The Conformity Of Mary To The Divine Will During Her Whole Life


Mary the most perfect image of the most perfect conformity with and resignation to the will of God.

Preached on the feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Fr. Franz Hunolt S.J. (born 31 March 1691, at Siegen; d. 12 September 1746, at Trier.) was a popular German Catholic priest and preacher at Treves, Germany.

This sermon counters some of the blasphemous misconceptions people have of Our Lady. Well worth reading.

Three key points in one small excerpt:

And for that reason those painters make a great mistake who represent her as falling into a faint in the arms of St. John at the foot of the cross; the Evangelist tells us the contrary: she stood, and did not fall down. Many other mothers, if they could avenge their child in no other manner, would have assailed the executioners with reproaches, revilings, and curses. We see that to be the case if the father sometimes wishes to chastise his child, even when the little one deserves it; the mother at once begins to shout and cry louder than the child himself; do you mean to kill the child? she says; do you want to put an end to him? How did Mary act towards the murderers and torturers of her Son? Did she call on the eternal Father to punish those cruel, wicked, and ungrateful men with a sudden death? No; she rather prayed with her Son : " Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Nay, says St. Antoninus, the Blessed Virgin was so united with the will of God in the sufferings of her Son that, if the heavenly Father had required it for the redemption, and given her but a sign of His pleasure to that effect, she herself would have been ready, as Abraham was with his son Isaac, to set to work with her own hands, and although to her great grief, nail her Son to the cross, and sacrifice Him.

The book of sermons can be found here:

Fr. Francis Hunolt - Sermons - Adapted to All Sundays - Our Lord, the Blessed Mother and the Saints

beginning on page 444.


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