NZ Priory - Fundraiser


Dear Faithful,

Bishop Williamson and Fr. Chazal have decided that we should open a priory near Whanganui, New Zealand for the apostolates in Australia and New Zealand. At present we have very little in New Zealand. We have a chapel in a privately owned shed on a families property in which we have Mass, when a priest visits. There are few funds there. We do not yet have a bank account. There is a good group of faithful there, over fifty souls, many of which are children.

Once the priory is established it is reasonably hoped that the Victim Adorers of the Holy Face, (Carmelite Hermit community in Ireland) will move to New Zealand. Thus we need some extra land for them. They are cloistered and will be “walled in”. Theoretically, and hopefully practically, their cloister is their whole world thus they need to have a large property, at least five acres but more would be better.

We will also need place for a chapel and a house for the priests.

Fr. Chazal will be visiting New Zealand between Christmas and Epiphany and it would be good if he could put an offer in on a place at that time.

Realistically I think that we will need to raise a minimum of $New Zealand 500,000. Presently we have about $NZ 10,000. thanks in large part to the generosity of the Canandians, many of whom only have Mass every three months.

Donations may be made now to the Our Lady of Good Success account in Brisbane, Australia, details are in the attached document [see below]. If you are inspired to donate please make a note that it is for the New Zealand priory. You can just put NZ priory and it will be understood. All benefactors will be remembered in our prayers and once a priory is established a regular Mass.

Please share this with potential benefactors.

Thank you,

Fr. Edward F. MacDonald

Our Lady Of Good Success - Bank Account Details :

Name Our Lady Of Good Success
Bank Commonwealth Bank Of Australia
Bank Address 441 Gympie Road, Strathpine, QLD 4500, Australia
BSB 064-164
Account Number 10650785
Swift Code CTBAAU2S


Wow, that’s pretty huge news!

Just to clarify:

The new priory will be in the general area of the hermits, will be owned by Fr. Chazal and the MCSPX, and be staffed by MCSPX priests (and sometimes Fr. MacDonald)?

If I have that right, it is good for a lot of people at a lot of different levels!


Yes, it will be a blessing for many people. The NZ and AU faithful will have more regular priestly visits and sacraments, the hermits will gain more stability by having a semi resident priest who is fully supportive of them as well as a secure and private property, and Fr. Chazal will have his travel load lightened a little so he can concentrate more on his seminary and on visiting the Asian faithful. And of course NZ and AU will indirectly receive their share of blessings too by having good priests and hermits on their soil.

The stakes are very high, but at the same time the challenges to make it all happen are quite high too.

With God’s help, everything is possible !


Is there other ways to donate? Such as mail in a check, PayPal or can I give a check directly to Fr. MacDonald next time he arrives in the U.S.A. ?


I will make some inquiries from this end and get back to you tomorrow about alternative ways to donate.


I just spoke to the coordinator, and the plan is to have our own NZ bank account, as well as a PayPal address to make it easier for people to donate. We hope to have this in place withiin a few weeks time at which point I will update this thread. Until then, the only option is to go through the OLOGS mission in Australia.


Actually Seraphim I agree with this is certainly big news.
To clarify some details though, Bishop Williamson suggested Australia when Fr MacDonald was speaking to him, fr chazal felt New Zealand was the better choice.
That seems like good sense to me for the priory and the eventual foundation of the Carmelite Hermitage.
However, I understood that Fr MacDonald was to be the prior not Fr Chazal.
God bless