Help with the republishing of a book


Hello. With the kind help of Samuel, I am almost ready to republish a book written by Antonio Cardinal Bacci whom as you know was the co-signer of the “Brief Study” or the “Ottaviani Intervention” critiquing the Modern Rite of the Roman Liturgy. The book is a series of his daily meditations written for the entire year.

I would like your input on the size of the book. Originally I had chosen to use font size 11 but I have had some feedback stating that the font might be too small for the reader and may dissuade others from purchasing the book. So what was suggested is to give some samples of various font sizes to get feedback. Obviously increasing the font size means many more pages.

Also for the original size of the book I had thought selling it for $24.99 US would be fair and reasonable but with a larger book I thought selling it for $25.99 instead. What are your thoughts?

To get an idea what the fonts will look like “in real life”, simply click the image and it will pop up to “real life” size

I am grateful for any input on this book. I want this to be a book that a Catholic will cherish for a lifetime.

  • #1: 11pt
  • #2: 12pt
  • #3: 13pt

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The second option is ok, but I prefer the third one (larger font).


Hello Obscurus,

In past few years I have republished three books. I have always used A5 sizing [6" width x 8.25"length]. It is has proved a success.
The font size I would choose would #3: 13pt.

Good luck,


Thank you for the feedback so far. That is excellent Gail! The book will be 6X9. I think the larger font will be better for the readers but will make the size of the book larger. I am thinking what if the font size was 12.5?


12.5 size font should be fine Obscurus!


Yes, I am going to settle with 12.5 which I think is a good compromise for readability and page size.