Good Self-Reliance and Prepper Magazine


This magazine was started in 1989, and will have articles the whole family is interested in: Men, women, boys, and girls.

You can either subscribe to print or kindle editions, or, go back and search back issues which have been compiled into annual anthologies, and published in book form.

Just as a random sample, here is what you will find in the 1993 anthology (for sale for $21.95 + shipping):

"Contains articles from 1993 (Issues 19-24).

Articles include:
– Farm animals lead to self-sufficiency
– Make your own β€œgrab-and-go” survival kits
– Insulation and vapor barriers
– How to stop termites
– Chicken with curried rice
– Preparing your photovoltaic system for winter
– Using and storing wheat at home
– High beds and high production
– A chronology of gold in American history
– Barn cleaning
– Hotbeds: get a jump on the growing season
– Roll your own biofertilizer
– How to build your own beehives
– Homebirth
– Buying your first dairy goat
– The right rifle for a woman
– Chinking for log homes
– Selecting the right PV voltage
– How to make cheese and butter
– Peppers for short season growers
– Slaughtering and butchering
– Solar panel testing and repair
– Wind power in the past and present
– Design and build a barn
– Getting sugar from trees
– Buying your first horse
… and more!

384 pages"

Extremely practical and educational!

Here is what is included in the 1994 anthology:

"Articles include:
– Homeschooling β€” is it right for your kids?
– The bow and arrow
– Planning a move from the city to the country
– Short season gardening
– Tips for cold-climate herb growing
– Try an isolated gain passive solar house
– Simplified concrete and masonry work
– Raising sheep
– Improving poor garden soil
– Synopsis of sourdough
– Determined woman builds distinctive vertical log studio
– Learn the basics of wall framing
– Build a 12-volt power plant
– Raising fish in the farm pond
– How to build a low-cost log lifter
– Use your own sawmill
– Old-fashioned desserts
– Try traditional fried squirrel
– Making and using a solar cooker
– Preventing and surviving stove and chimney fires
– Converting your gas car to electric
– Pemmican β€” the all-purpose food
– Designing for solar heating
– Build a fieldstone chimney
– A guide to growing ginseng
– Make delicious wine at home
… and more!

384 pages"

And from the 2018 anthology:

"Contains articles from 2018 (Issues 169-174), such as:

  • building a pole barn
  • maintaining your chimney
  • making lotion bars
  • starting a community seed swap
  • growing healthy peach and apricot trees
  • building a split rail fence
  • growing and cooking pumpkins
  • helping your garden get a jump on spring
  • solving cherry tree problems
  • making elderberry syrup
  • planting an orchard with tires
  • installing a wood stove
  • making jerky from ground meat
  • planting pear and plum trees
  • making tortillas from scratch
  • building a composter
  • protecting your homestead from black bears
  • root cellaring
  • homemade nut and seed butters
  • common chicken myths
  • making apple cider
  • stone construction
  • the world of axes
  • collecting forest products
  • goat milk soap
  • building a hoop house
  • a three-part series on building a cabin
  • water bath canning
  • pressure canning
  • preserving food through fermentation
  • preserving apples
  • preserving eggs
  • butchering and cooking a pig
  • dehydrating food
  • making basic breads
  • a seed selecting primer
  • preparedness planning
  • troubleshooting refrigerators and freezers
  • butchering a chicken
  • urban homesteading
  • raising rabbits
  • foraging with kids
  • edible and medicinal roses
  • making a tipi
  • starting a country business
  • and many more!"


It is an excellent resource. They also publish a quarterly Self Reliance that provides good information for those hoping to become more independent from the production grid.