Free Christmas Gift for US or Canadian District SSPX Priests


Robert Sungenis has published a brilliant rebuttal to Fr. Paul Robinson’s (SSPX) modernist book “The Realist Guide to Religion and Science” which is called “Scientific Heresies and their Effect on the Church (A Critical Analysis of: ‘The Realist Guide to Religion and Science’).”

I am willing to purchase a hardcover edition of Sungenis’s book for any SSPX priest or brother of the US or Canadian Districts willing to read it, so long as I can afford it (which realistically means 40-50 copies spread out over 1-2 months).

The only stipulation is that the book be for your own personal use (I.e., you cannot give it to someone else, until/unless you have completed reading it).

To get your free copy, you can contact me by replying to this thread, or if anonymity is preferred, you can either send me a private message, or contact the Administrator, who can forward me your confidential information. Or, if you already have my personal email or phone number, you may contact me by those means as well.


Has any priest accepted the offer?

Do you know any other priests that disagrees with Fr. Robinson besides Fr. Rusak?


Yes, I know other priests besides Fr. Rusak who disagree with Fr. Robinson’s modernist book.

No, not a single priest has expressed any interest in the free book.


Well, I just received the first request from an SSPX priest for Sungenis’ book.

I guess one is better than none.


Nice to hear you got at least one priest interested. Maybe not many priests are aware of your offer.


Perhaps you could take out a full page ad in the next Cor Unum?



Keep it up! Seriously, wonderful offer!


Now a 2nd SSPX priest from the US District.


Would any of them also be willing to write an endorsement or recommendation for the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation?


Possibly, since one of them told me he read it and was persuaded by it.

I will ask, and report back.


Hugh Owens of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation will be coming to St Mary’s, KS in late March; I think it might help turn out if there was a SSPX endorsement for the Kolbe Center to include in the flyer and newspaper ad.