Fr. Hewko Delivers Ultimatum to Fr. Pfeiffer


Dear Faithful, we must pray! We all suffer in this diabolical disorientation that Our Lady of Fatima warned about affecting the entire Church. Regarding Bp. Ambrose Moran, I notified Fr. Pfeiffer that if OLMC has not disassociated publicly from him within a week, I will be obliged to leave. For many reasons this is a dead end. Please offer your Rosaries to Our Blessed Mother for Her intercession! [Received from Fr. David Hewko, January 13, 2019]


The week is almost up, will shall see if Fr. Hewko actually leaves.


Some of you may have already seen this, but for those who did not, here it is from Dr. Chojnowski. Notice the plea to Fr. Hewko at the end, but I wonder if Fr. Hewko’s credibility is beyond repair:

Dr. Chojnowski: In the link above, you can see for yourself the spinning out of control that has beset Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer’s establishment in Boston, Kentucky. After years of dealing with Ambrose Moran as if he were a valid bishop, Fr. Joe Pfeiffer has disassociated himself from Moran. What is shocking about all of it is how acrimonious the entire relationship between Moran and Our Lady of Mount Carmel seminary has become. In the above video, failing to acknowledge that he has worked with Fr. Pfeiffer for years now, consecrating oils for him along with — from my information — promising to make priests for him and probably planning to “consecrate” Fr. Pfeiffer a bishop — Moran brings up long refuted arguments about Archbishop Lefebvre and the Lefebvre line and casts doubt on the valid priesthood of those who he has been associating with for years now. Even though I have not researched the case extensively, I know everyone involved, except Moran himself. From what I see, the pictures that he provided of himself in various ecclesial settings are obviously faked and his failure to provide certificates and testimonials concerning his own valid ordination and consecration gives one moral certainty that he is a weird fraud. Life in this present world as a traditional Catholic already seems to be a bit like “flying over the cuckoos nest” without this insanity.

Question for Fr. Pfeiffer. If “Bishop” Moran is not trustworthy enough to have as your bishop, what about all of the holy oils that he consecrated for you for your sacraments and what about the conditional ordination of Fr. Joseph Poisson, who travels around the US and Canada for Our Lady of Mount Carmel saying Mass, hearing confessions, and giving extreme unction?

Also, how can you justify having a seminary when you do not have a bishop to ordain your seminarians?

If you refuse to associate with a real bishop that can only mean — for thinking Catholics — that you and Fr. Hewko believe you are the only real Catholic priests left in the world. Otherwise, a priest needs a bishop. Also, after the fiasco, which culminates in the video linked above, you need to do some backtracking, some rebuilding of bridges, and some sacramental redoing for Fr. Poisson and for all those people who relied on ANYTHING coming from the bizarre man in the green vestments that we see in the above video.


Be Catholic, be sacramentally safe, and be sane.


It appears Fr. Hewko may have taken the Doctor’s advice:


Didn’t Fr. Hewko say not too long ago that it would be a mortal sin for him to leave Boston?