Correction for Nadir on CathInfo


Someone recently posted Tradidi’s article Valtorta, d’Agreda, Emmerich - True or False Visions? on CathInfo.

A certain Nadir posted the following comment about it (link):

But in Saint Luke’s Gospel (1:34), the Mother of God said to the Angel Gabriel after the Annunciation, “How shall this be done, because I know not man?” This shows that she did not know everything.

From the OP.

The expression “I know not man” means I am a virgin. IT is not a matter of knowlege in the sense acquired information. Surely, as a priest, the writer would be aware of this use of language.

Nadir’s error is to assume that the author was referring to “because I know not man” when he concluded that “she [Our Lady] did not know everything”. However, that assumption is wrong. The author of this article (Fr. Jean-Luc Lafitte) was referring to the fact that Our Lady answered “How shall this be done” to the Angel Gabriel. In other words, Our Lady did not know how the Incarnation was to be done. This clearly disproves Maria Valtorta’s claim that “Our Lady had infused knowledge at the tender age of three”.

PS: I tried posting this correction on cathinfo myself but I appear to be banned there. If someone can please pass this reply on to Nadir.


And to the next “Anonymous” poster, who posted this:

I admit to not reading the OP and only skimming this thread, but reading the post just above mine, I must say that whomever Nadir quoted should rightly have their credibility called into question. :facepalm:


I would suggest you’d be better off questioning your own reading and comprehension skills before questioning a priests credibility!


It looks like Nadir considers herself beyond fraternal correction as well. Despite her error being pointed out to her several times, she still pigheadedly maintains that she was right and that the author/priest is to be blamed for her erroneous interpretation. Just one more proof that CathInfo has truly gone down the drain!

Nadir wrote:
Please read what I wrote.
I refer to NOTHING but the quote from this priest who should know the Biblical meaning of the word to know, which is to have intimate (sexual) relations.
I have read none of the books named in the OP, except for snippets of MV.
I have very little interest in private revelation. I am not against it. I have no interest in promoting any of these writers though from what I have read here, if I were to choose to read any it would be Agreda.
THanks for your interest though