Contentment in Our State of Life


Serving God and doing good consists in nothing else than in doing, omitting, and suffering whatever, however, and whenever God wills each one to do, to omit, and to suffer. The Lord God has many servants and hand-maids, to whom He has given different states in life. He is not in need of any of them, and He places His exterior glory in having His creatures do as He wishes them. Whatever He requires from them, be it great or small, prayer or labor, little or much, it is well done, if done according to His will.

… Therefore, if you do willingly and patiently what you are forced to do, and offer it up with a good conscience and a pure intention to God, because it is His will, who can deny that God is pleased with your work? Hear what St. Dorothaeus writes of his disciple Dositheus: The latter, since, through bodily weakness, he could not observe the order of the day like the others in the monastery (for he could not rise in the morning, nor work, nor eat, nor drink like the others), in order to do something for God’s sake gave himself up completely, in obedience, to one of his superiors, who ordered him to attend to the sick now and then, when he was able to do so. Dositheus obeyed humbly and readily for five years, when he died of consumption. God revealed to the Abbot of the monastery that the young Dositheus was as high in glory as St. Paul and St. Anthony. The other monks began to complain when they heard this; they said: "Where is, then, Thy justice, oh, Lord? Thou hast made like to us, nay, even superior to us, a man who was brought up in comfort, who never fasted, nor chastised his body, nor interrupted his night’s rest, while we have to bear the whole burden of religious observance by day and night. What greater reward can we hope for all our labor and trouble, than Dositheus, who has done hardly anything in comparison to us, has already gained in Heaven? for Thou hast made him equal in glory to the greatest Saints. And God answered them, saying: His obedience merited more, in a short time, than all the austerities of many others. Dositheus did what he had to do, and what his superior commanded him. I have not required him to fast, watch, nor chastise his body, because his health did not permit; he performed a service most pleasing to Me, because he did well and zealously what I wished him to do. Let us all take this to ourselves. Do well what your state requires, God will certainly not expect any more from you; nay, besides the keeping His commandments, He cannot expect any more; He must be satisfied with that.

The book of sermons can be found here:

Fr. Francis Hunolt - Sermons - Adapted to All Sundays - The Different States in Life - II pg 386 - 389


. To strive for purity of intention in all our actions is a good preparation for the humble Christ Child in the manger. Thank you for posting.