To start with I decided not to have too many categories as that can be very confusing and counter productive.

We have three main categories which are self explanatory: The Church, The Crisis and The World. Any technical or general topics about this site can be placed in the This Site category. And if you’re not sure where to put a certain topic, just put it in the General category and one of the Moderators will move it to the right place if or when necessary.

Once the number of posts starts to grow we will get a better idea of which subcategories we need to organize the topics.

One advantage of organizing topics in separate categories is that you can select which categories you’re absolutely not interested in, so that any topics and posts in that category will no longer show up on your homepage (e.g. the list of Latest posts). I think this has in the past been a major problem for people getting frustrated with the amount of posts they’re not interested in, so this Muted feature will certainly come in handy!


I love the information on your site but it is not easy to go back and find something that I read a week before. Someone posted a WONDERFUL listing of the founding of all the false religions ending with the Catholic Church started by Jesus in 33 A.D. I am unable to find it again and I so want to share it with someone. Help.


Hi @Rosanne,

I think this is the post you are looking for. Just click on the title and you will be redirected to the full post :