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First of all i would like to thank God for this forum and websites of the Resistance i found in desperate times. So I m from Portugal and since my early years up till about i was 12 years old i was raised as a novus ordus catholic but in my teen years I quickly gave up on it since it didnt really grasp to me nor make a lot of sense since it seemed like the other religions something you use when you need and the basis was on being all so nice and “feelly”, I was even educated in a Franciscan owned semi private Catholic school. So in my teen years and starting priorto that I completely lost the faith and became the typical “normal” teen completetly delusional about the real world who went out drinking, partying, neglecting obedience and acting at school. I was just caught up in this fashion you see on movies and tv shows but deeply I felt always lacking something, I would call it purpose of life or fulfillment. And about one year ago when i was 19 I started to change I eventually managed to see throught this material world we live in but I was just a lonely sheep not only without a sheperd but alone. That was when i found out about traditional catholicism, the SSPX and Bishop Williamson and the Resistance. It felt like I found my home, everything made sense and for a time now after reflecting about it, I can say that I was probably a calling by God to stop living the sinful life and embrace his true church. I cant think on anything else that it and I feel I might being called to priesthood or monasticism but the problem is in my area and in the whole Peninsula I dont know any priests not poisoned by liberalism. Portugal and Spain are trully lost to the novus ordus I tried to see this to my parents but they think I m crazy since my parents are both liberals, my father is actually close to masonry aswell and my mother is a liberal novus ordus catholic who doesnt even go to mass nor believe the Bible is true. I also didnt do my confimation and I dont know what to do or who to contact I m thinking of making a trip to France or to the UK but I dont have a lot of money since this would be without my parents approval. Do any of you know someone I can contact of the resistance or if you have any advise you can give on what to do


Welcome to this forum @Brunitix. It sounds like you have received a great grace from God to see some of the many problems with the Novus Ordo, to try and work out your salvation and to start looking in the right direction. What I would do in your situation is this :

  1. Pray, especially the daily Rosary, and ask Our Lady and St. Joseph to guide you.

  2. Read as much as you can about the crisis in the Church and especially about Tradition. The first step in solving a problem is to diagnose it properly: What is wrong with this world? What is wrong with me? Who or what is to blame for our problems? Etc… A good place to start would be An Open Letter to Confused Catholics by Archbishop Lefebvre, which is available online (here). This is how many Traditional Catholics started their way to Tradition, by reading good Catholic books, articles and websites.

  3. Get in contact with a good Traditional Catholic priest in your area. I know one in your country that I can recommend. I will talk to him in the next couple of days and ask him to advise and guide you. I’m sure he’ll be able and willing to help you. As soon as I have spoken to him I will send you a private message or email with his contact details.

I will keep you in our prayers and I am sure that other people reading this will do likewise. Also, if you need some help obtaining good Catholic books, send me a private message with your address and I’ll do my best to get you started.


Try contacting the Fatima Center office in Portugal, and ask if Fr. Gallagher is still there (he is a Resistance supporter and on good terms with Bishop Williamson). If he is there, you can go to Mass there. As for confirmation, you will need to save your money for a trip to UK, Ireland or France. Contact Bishop Faure to see when and where the next Confirmations will be scheduled. May God bless you and Our Lady protect you.


Father Gallagher is currently with us in New Zealand. Fr. Chazal suggested contacting him as he is from Portugal. The administrator or I could get you in contact with him today if needs be.


Any chance you speak French?


Just a word of warning for those who are not aware. The Fatima Center split into two groups one or two years ago. One group went with the SSPX and one group went with the Resistance. I strongly recommend anyone to stay away from the SSPX side, as they are no longer fully committed to the fight for Tradition. As Mark said, try and get in contact with Fr. Gallagher, he is fully with the Resistance.


Thanks for all your help and advice. I ve been praying 15 mysteries for some time now and been reading the papal encyclicals and other books and posts about liberalism modernism and the church not to mention all the sermons avaliable on youtube and other websites. I dont speak very well french but i understand it, can speak only the basics.


I speak very badly but i can understand it and read something


Yes, you can read about the split here:

Servants of Jesus and Mary
17000 NY-30, Constable, NY 12926
(518) 483-7626


I would apreciate if you could get me in contact with him as soon as you can or someone.


I suggest you enter into contact with Mother Irene of the Holy Face, a Carmelite Hermit/Nun located in Ireland. She would be very happy to accompany you in your discernment. Her address is:

By the way, since you are from Portugal, do you speak Portuguese fluently? Brazil has the FSSPX & the Resistence . I would be able to help you in that regard. I am an American but spent over 20 years in Brazil. Falo bem…

Esto as ordens… Meu endereco e’ :



Hi Brunitix, if you are interested in old ‘Traditional’ sermons, PM me, perhaps I can be of help.



Brazil is too far away and too expensive for me. Thanks for the contact of Mother irene.


I hope you find the Mother Irene contact useful…Yes, Brazil is far from Portugal & the culture is quite different from that of Portugal.
I will keep you in my poor prayers.